Here comes "Tami's Texas"  another dance to another great Tami Neilson song : country swing, beginner, easy to learn, dance it during the current lockdown in your own living room, kitchen, garage, patio or wherever! Click here for the script. Enjoy!

By the way, we have had so much fun watching the video put together by singer Tami Neilson, the "Ten Tonne Truck" lady!   She's put together a fun compilation of all the current demos of the Ten Tonne Truck dance to her song ... enjoy !!!

Thank you Tami for a great dance-friendly song, and thanks to all the line dance instructors and dancers around the world for doing the Ten Tonne Truck dance!  Click HERE for the script!


Here's a new dance you can do at home : NO CHEATING

Thanks to SUN Linedance for a lovely DEMO & TUTORIAL


Jan's also done a DEMO VIDEO at home so you can see it doesn't take up much room ... hope you enjoy!  Danced to a good old country track by Highway 101 : "Where'd you get your cheating from?", it's quite energetic with the heel slaps and claps, but you can easily make it gentler by doing toe taps instead (see the above link for the script).  



If you haven't heard this great new fun country song by Tami Neilson, check it out the music here : Ten Tonne Truck


There's an easy-peasy dance and several demos to go with it too!  Here's a nice demo from SUN linedance ... just go to Copperknob for the script.



Bless you all for your loyalty and friendship. Keep in touch, with each other, with me, and keep on dancing, even if it's only in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, garage, garden or on the ceiling!

I will be keeping the website up to date, plus maybe choreographing a few dances, and there are lots of sites online where you can look at and have a go at dances, Facebook is also a good place to go - send me a friend request if you're not already on my list.

Lots of love to all, stay safe and well, and hope to see you all again very soon X


 JAN'S NEW DANCE is to a new recording of an old country blues song by Nashville singer/songwriter Larry Alderman, out now ! Check out the script here : Trainyard Blues

  Loving that vintage bluesy sound!

We now have a Trainyard Blues dance demo video too. Very basic, done at home in the biggest room in the house while access to a dance floor is impossible, but at least it will give you an idea ... enjoy! Just click HERE.


Aimless Love is another new dance from Jan. Nice and gentle to another song with the same title by the late great John Prine, or a bit faster and fun to a great country song called Chicken Wire by Jonathan Byrd.


And here's another new little dance, a gentle cha-cha, to a lovely new country song by Randall King : HEY COWGIRL


With many thanks to Jenny at Linedance Dallas and also Miguel Angel Sastre for great demos :


New dance to a good old country song by Shenandoah, kind of appropriate with Valentine's Day just around the corner! TWO DOZEN ROSES


ROUND THE ROOM is danced to an old Merle Haggard song, but can also be danced to many more tunes too!


Script HERE Beginner level, country music, easy and fun!


JAMESON WALTZ is a new beginner waltz to a lovely new song by Kayla Ray, oozing with guitar and pedal steel, ideal for country music fans!  We are so lucky to have a beautiful demo from the lovely Grace David and dancers.  And just appeared is another lovely demo, from Vivienne Cai & dancers in New Zealand.

We also did our own GLD class video at a recent Gentle Line Dance workshop.  The slower alternative music we chose for the Jameson Waltz was "Why Me Lord" sung by Loretta Lynn, the original version having been written and sung by Kris Kristofferson. Click for our demo to "Why Me Lord".


 "SAME THING" is an easy 32 count dance to a couple of great tunes :  John Prine's "Same Thing Happened To Me", and "Never on a Sunday" by Connie Francis.


Many thanks to Linedance Dallas for a lovely DEMO.

And now we have another lovely Same Thing demo too :  

Many thanks to the ladies from KLSDA in Korea : nice one!


"THE GARDEN OF LOVE" is a beginner waltz to a beautiful song called "Forbidden" by singer/songwriter Tia McGraff. Many members of the class are fans of Tia and her husband Tommy Parham, and have seen them perform several times.

Hope the dance will bring their music to the ears of many more people around the world.  




More dance news : "ONCE MORE" is an easy little 32 count dance to the good old song by the Desert Rose Band ... you can even dance it with a partner in sweetheart position! Happy to report that the dance was selected for inclusion in the BWDA magazine for August. Click HERE for our class demo video.


Just a little video souvenir of our recent extended session : dancing "Love Blues" to a great Joni Harms track from quite a few years ago "Let's put the Western back in the Country" : many thanks to all the brave video stars!

Another new dance for beginners is danced to a lovely new song from Joni Harms, from her latest CD "Lucky 13"

    The dance is called GENTLE EYES  and a demo video has already appeared! Thank you so much to Hilda Foo from New Zealand. And now we also have a little class video :

LUNCH OUTING 20th NOVEMBER 2018 : twenty-two of us went along after the class to The Lodge in Dudley for a lovely two course lunch, not specially for Jane's birthday, but the dates happened to coincide, which was nice!


More photos can be found in Gallery 2 ... see menu at side.

NEW DANCE :  DOGGONE COWBOY goes with a great song from Clint Bradley, all about a cowboy's life on the trail ... very Western feel to the music, bouncy little dance! Thanks again to the brave GLD members who took part in the practice/demo :

ANOTHER CUP OF COFFEE : a new dance from Jan, recently published in the BWDA magazine, goes to a great song by Mike & the Mechanics, plus many other tunes too. Many thanks to the little group of workshoppers who stayed behind to help out with the demo video!

A big thank you to Pete Boddis & his Jazziatrics for their visit to GLD back in October. Click on the link to see us dancing to the Jazziatrics' version of Rose of San Antone!


During their recent visit to the UK from the Philippines, Wilf and Myrna Hawkes came to class several times and did some videoing of some of the dances. Click the link to see us dancing "Until the Dawn" to Penny Arcade. Thank you for joining us at the class, great to see you again! 

On Tuesday 31st July we had a fairly impromptu reunion get-together with a pot-luck buffet lunch after the class, followed by entertainment by the very talented Joe James Thomas and his sister Holly.


 Huge thanks to Joe, Holly and his mum Emma for bringing them along. Click HERE for a souvenir video.

After our outing to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert at the Grand Theatre some of the songs gave us ideas for dances we could do in class!  For example this one, danced to Hot Stuff :

The dances seem to be coming thick and fast now!  Here is the latest, danced to a great country song from a fantastic UK country artist, AGS CONNOLLY : COME BACK TO ME

  Class demo HERE!


LOVE BLUES is an easy little 4 wall two-steppy style dance which can be danced to lots of tunes, but choreographed to "L-O-V-E" by the Glee Cast, or faster to Dwight Yoakam's "Home of the Blues".  We have done a demo in class, dancing to the Dwight Yoakam song, and now another demo has appeared, this time from Daisy and dancers!

B.B.Boogie is an easy little dance to a good old country style song "Badly Bent" by J.P.Harris & The Tough Choices, and here we are having a little practice for the cameras!

At last we finally got round to videoing dance demos of Chains Of Love : one to the Bryan Ferry song "Let's Stick Together"

... and the other (involving restarts) to "Chains" by the Cookies : 



Happy to report that our "Sunshine Charleston" from a couple of years ago has recently made a re-appearance! Didn't we have fun with those Eric & Ernie skips!


SHERRY BABY is a new little dance, best done in "contra line" for maximum fun!  Click HERE to see us premiering the dance at our end of term Christmas session!

WONDERLAND  is an easy little dance for Christmas and beyond, can be used for lots of different tunes, but for the festive season it goes well with "Winter Wonderland" by Lacy J Dalton. A current pop track "Lay Down for Free" by Lindsey Buckingham & Christine Mcvie is a good alternative, and many more tunes of a similar tempo. Our demo video can be seen HERE , and Linda Kong and dancers have just done a christmassy demo video too :


GLD 10th ANNIVERSARY :  21st November 2017 went off beautifully with 30 members attending!  Thank you all for your wonderful support, and for the lovely flowers!


Hard to believe that GLD has been going since 2007, starting with a little class of about a dozen people, put on mainly as a fundraiser for the Grapevine Drop-In Centre where Jan was a volunteer. At that time Jan was still teaching her mainstream line dance classes too, which she had done for a living for many years, but breast cancer and two hip operations had made it difficult to continue working at the same level, so Gentle Line Dance was the ideal alternative to focus on.  The class grew and grew into what it is today : a happy dance family of about 30 ladies and gentlemen, all enjoying the friendship, the challenge and the fun which is part and parcel of our very special brand of line dancing.


Danced to singer/songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie's big hit from way back, this one is easy, fun and very sing-along! Thanks to Pony Chen and her dancers we now also have a great demo video :



This is an easy 64 count dance to a lovely swing-style song from Hannah Johnson's new album "Shaken". Demo video coming soon!  Our class demo video is now online too :


THE ARKANSAS WALTZ is a 48 count improver dance choreographed to the fabulous Glen Campbell song "Arkansas Farmboy" on his final CD "Adios".      

If you like a fast waltz, you might like to try this one. You can check out the demo video HERE.

And we now have a lovely demo video from Linda Kong and her dancers :


BLESS MY SOUL is a new dance which happily fits to lots of songs! Our particular choices are currently "Your Tattoo" by Sammy Kershaw and "In My World" by Lindsey Buckingham & Christine McVie.  A good slower track to learn the dance to is "Spinning Wheels" by local legend Pete Boddis.

There's even a little demo video :


"BACK TO YOU" is new from Jan and goes with the great Ward Thomas song "Boomerang" - check it out HERE

"BABY BOOM" now has a demo video : well done and a big thank you to all the Gentle Line Dance folk who took part.


"FROM ME TO YOU" is a new beginner/improver dance to a Beatles song from way back in 1963 - check out the music and script HERE


NEW DANCES : BABY BOOM  danced to an old Bellamy Brothers song with a political flavour which now seems quite relevant; and MAKE ME A BELIEVER danced to a disco  track "Testify" by Hifi Sean & Crystal Waters, or several other alternatives if you don't like pop!

Have You Ever Been Lonely is danced to Rose-Marie's version of the old standard originally recorded by Patsy Cline.  Click on the link to see a lovely demo of the dance by Pony Chen and dancers, and check out the script HERE.

CANDLE-HOLDER WALTZ  48 counts and danced  to Dolly Parton's Old Flames (can't hold a candle to you).  Check out the script and music video HERE.  It also fits to several other faster waltzes ... you choose!

BOBBY'S GIRL : Choreographed back in 2005 and recently made a come-back!

Click on the links to the DANCE and SCRIPT and now also a big "Thank You" to Pony Chen & her dancers from Taiwan for their latest video, brilliant as always :


"Turned out nice again!"  A special treat for us all, a sort of Jan's pre-big-birthday event : brilliant entertainment after the class by  GABRIELA the UKULELE LADY with her unique blend of music, stories, fun & laughter!


YOU ARE LOVE has a two-step feel and is danced to another lovely song by David Starr, "You Will Come To Know".

Dance :

Click and watch David Starr's great new music video :

FEEL ALIVE AGAIN is another new dance to yet another great David Starr track.  Why not check out the script and music :          

THAT OLD FASHIONED SWING :  a bouncy little fun dance to a great swing rhythm!  Click and check the details HERE.


 MAYBE I WILL WALTZ  another little waltz to go with a lovely gentle song by Bap Kennedy featuring the legends Mark Knopfler and Jerry Douglas.

Of course, many other waltz tunes can be used too ... so many to choose from! 

Check out the script HERE  And the class video HERE   

NO WAY, NO WAY goes with the new single from Gilbert O'Sullivan which is getting lots of air play at the moment! Another big thank you to Line Dance Dallas for doing a fabulous demo! Click on the link to watch :

Check out the script here :

COVER-UP  is a slowish cha-cha choreographed to two good old country songs : "Cover You in Kisses" by John Michael Montgomery and "Tequila Sunrise" by Alan Jackson from the tribute to the Eagles album.  Line Dance Dallas have already done a beautiful demo of the dance on Youtube ... check it out here :

And now another lovely Cover-Up demo has come to light :


AIN'T GOING NOWHERE goes to an old country-flavoured song from The Byrds, plus many other songs too :

Song :

Dance :


STARRY CHA is a gentle cha-cha to a lovely country track by David Starr from Cedaredge, Colorado. Thanks once again to Jenny and the dancers from Line Dance Dallas for a fabulous demo:

STOP DREAMING is Jan's latest waltz and Jenny and the girls from Line Dance Dallas have produced a fabulous demo video!  If you like waltzes to lovely country music check it out here :

And now two more lovely demos have appeared online too :          and

Huge thanks to all instructors & dancers concerned : you are all true STARS !!!

NEVER SPOKE SPANISH is another new dance from Jan which has just been demo-ed by Line Dance Dallas and is already clocking up views : 

Jenny has chosen to use one of the alternative tracks, a classic song from George Strait.

The dance title track by a band from Colorado called The Rifters is easily available now from Amazon :

Click on this link to listen to the lovely title song by The Rifters

"She Never Spoke Spanish To Me" :



This same dance can be done to many other songs, including "Always Have, Always Will" by Ace of Base.  Follow this next link to see a demo by Line Dance Dallas

Check out the script here :





 Thanks also to Malcolm doing some secret videoing in the class we have more footage of you all here practising a few of your dances! 

Sugar Moon :

Haunted Heart :

Smoky Places :


SEX BOMB : Jan's dance from way back still going strong : 


Many thanks to Jane Ng and class members for the videos.


WEAK AT THE KNEES goes to several songs, including a lovely new Mavericks track "Summertime when I'm with You". Why not have a look and listen here to the dance to the KD Lang song "Waltz me once again round the dance floor" here :

 See the script here : 



This is a gentle little waltz, choreographed to an old Don Williams song  : She's In Love With A Rodeo Man.  See the script here :

Many thanks to Jenny and her class at Line Dance Dallas for a lovely demo video :

More demo videos of this dance have also just come to light :   and also this one 

Thank you to all the instructors for taking the time and trouble to teach and video my dances, and thanks to the lovely dancers of course! It is greatly appreciated.


This one appeared recently in the BWDA magazine.

A lovely old Bob Wills song, given the kd Lang treatment.

Why not check out the script :

And our video : 

Thanks to all who took part : couldn't have done it without you!


   Our class takes place in the Black Country and we are proud to be there, so when Black Country Day comes around we get out our special flags and have a bit of a celebration!

  Smoky Places was an absolute MUST for Black Country Day!                                     

  Daddy's Boy :



Jan's dance "LITTLE DARLIN" is now online : 

Click HERE for the script and music.

It is one of those dances which will fit many songs, but was choreographed to that good old country blast-from -the-past : "Who did you call darlin' to last night" by Heather Myles.

Some of you may remember when we booked Heather to do a gig for us at Brookfields Stables about 10 years ago; wow, what a special night that was!


"SINGLE BLUES" goes to a song by Jessica Clemmons  

Jan was lucky enough to meet Jessica after her pop-up stage appearance at the London O2 Country to Country event :